5 Easy Steps to a Paris Themed Bridal Shower

5 Easy Steps to a Paris Theme Wedding Shower


If you’re trying to decide on a theme for a bridal shower you’ll be hosting, a very good choice would be a Paris themed shower! And not just because I am obsessed with all things Parisian. A Paris theme is actually a very simple way to make sure the shower is elegant and stylish, all the while being able to rely on several easy standby items.

Just keep the following choices in mind. Mix and match from among these ideas and you really can’t go wrong!

1. Color

For your colors, make sure to go with a soft and subdued palette. Mint green, blush pink, tiffany blue, and pale yellow will all work. If you do choose the pink, a classic Parisian combination is pink, black, and white and you’ll find many decorations already for sale in this palette which will make things even easier.

2. Pattern

Toile, damask, and stripes are all timeless French designs. Simply do a search for any of these words when you are searching for decor online, and you’ll find a plethora of wonderful choices. If you’re unsure, go for black and white in any of these patterns and then you can add whatever soft color from point one is your favorite and it will coordinate together beautifully. These patterns are what you want to focus on for items like tablecloths, trays, gift wrap, table cards, and any paper products. If you have a great bakery available, a black and white or pink and white striped cake would be perfect!

black and white damask napkin

Black and White Damask Napkin

3. Symbols

There are so many possible Parisian symbols to choose from that you really can’t list them all. Some of the most popular are of course the Eiffel Tower, macarons (which seem to be everywhere today), perfume bottles, and shabby chic birdcages for a vintage French look. The fleur de lis is a classic, traditional choice and then there are more just for fun ideas like the French beret! Once you choose a symbol or two that you prefer, this is the time to start choosing your favors, centerpieces, and napkins – it won’t be hard to find most of these symbols on these products for sale. Of course, if you’re crafty, you can always DIY! Even elegant, understated jewelry like pearls will fit right in here. One easy idea is to fill glass jars with loose faux pearls – all the better if you can find pale pink ones. Scatter these smaller items around the room for a true Parisian touch.

4. Food

Here is where you can really get creative. Just consider the types of dishes that come to mind when you think of “French food”, and run with it!

Adorable French Fries from cakeslikesaparty.com

Adorable French Fries from cakeslikesaparty.com

Croissants are a true French tradition, so why not serve sandwiches on croissant rolls? Of course cheese plates are always an option in Paris, so do the same here and create a spread with lots of delicious cheeses, crackers, and fruit (especially grapes). It will look very fancy and upscale for very little effort, and at any price point of your choice.

If you have a source for them, I have to suggest croissants! I found these crepes at my local Wegman’s grocery store and they were really good and easy to use as long as you are gentle with them. You can fill them with anything you like; I prefer nutella and bananas which is a combination I ate repeately in Paris and everyone seems to like.

Other ideas are loaves of French bread (which can also serve as decor if you put them in nice vintage baskets), tarts, macarons, and even French fries for a fun little treat. French wine can also be offered with the rest of the beverages.

5. Games

Bridal Shower Bingo Card Game

Bridal Shower Bingo Card Game

For games, you can probably stick with the shower games that are familiar to most of us. An old standby is “bingo” played while the gifts are being opened. The possible gift choices are entered onto bingo cards, and guests check off the boxes on their card whenever they match what the bride is opening. You can also do “mad libs”, and even get cards specially printed for these if you prefer.

The Paris part can come in with the prizes for the winners. With a Paris theme, luggage tags would be a great choice, especially if they are decorated to match. A French Manicure nail polish set would also be an inexpensive prize that would fit in well. Bracelet charms of the Eiffel Tower are another option.


By now, you should be well on your way to planning an amazing Paris theme shower, and it really shouldn’t be difficult to either purchase or make any of the things you’ll need. Of course don’t forget to check out our shop for some more inspiration. Bonne chance!


French Style Home Accessories for the Wedding too!

French style home accessories for the wedding and afterwards!

If you’ve decided on a Paris theme for your wedding, chances are that means you appreciate French style. This usually means a soft, subdued, color palette with a feminine and chic vibe. The patterns can be lavish and ornate, but even then nothing tends to be over the top. This kind of style happens to look beautiful in your home, too, so you don’t have to limit your aesthetic sense to just your wedding!

Here are some ideas for gorgeous French and Parisian style home goods that you can use during the wedding, and then keep to decorate your home with after the wedding too. They’re a great way to add some chic French style to your home, while being wonderful little reminders of your wedding day.

Paris on Burlap Binder1. Paris on Burlap Binder

French Amour Love Pink and Black Chic Parisian Cosmetics Bags2. French Amour Love Pink and Black Cosmetics Bag

Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Romantic Collage Pillow3. Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Romantic Collage Pillow

Vintage French Handwriting Paris Rooster Igloo Ice Chest4.Vintage French Handwriting Paris Rooster Igloo Ice Chest

Chic French Toile Serving Tray5. Chic French Toile Serving Tray

Paris Perhaps Luggage Tag6. Paris Perhaps Luggage Tag

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Item 1: Paris on Burlap Binder – this rustic, vintage style binder will be great to organize all the notes and papers you’ll need for your wedding. Afterwards, keep it at home to organize bills, documents, or even to hold your photos.

Item 2: French Amour Cosmetic Bag – This chic, soft pink Parisian cosmetic bag says “Amour”, or Love, on the front, in French writing. Use it to stash your emergency makeup and hair pins on your wedding day, and then display in your boudoir at home later.

Item 3: Romantic Eiffel Tower Pillow – During the wedding reception, display this cream colored vintage style pillow on the bride’s chair. At home after the honeymoon, it can sit on your sofa or bed and remind you of your wedding while adding a French vibe to your room.

Item 4: Vintage French Handwriting Ice Chest Cooler: This would be adorable if you are having an outdoor wedding or reception. Keep lots of cold water and drinks in here, and it will totally add to your decor! After the wedding, you will have tons of chances to use it in the years to come for vacations, picnics, and trips.

Item 5: Chic French Toile Serving Tray: This tray is beautiful enough to fit right in at your wedding. Display your guests’ seating cards on a couple of them, or offer appetizers to guests on this tray. Then use this later in your kitchen or even in your bedroom to bring some French style to your home.

Item 6: Paris Perhaps Luggage Tag: You could have a lot of fun with this one at your wedding! If your wedding location is totally decked out in a Parisian theme but you are not having a destination wedding, these would be fun to use as wedding favors which you can double as your guests seating cards (just attach it to the back). Or you can give these as gifts to your wedding party. Then when it comes time for the honeymoon, simply attach this to your suitcase and you’re off!


As you can see, there are lots of ways to incorporate beautiful French home decor at your wedding. You can either use something you already own, or buy something new and then display it in your home afterwards to bring back wonderful memories of the day. If you’re still trying to find the perfect item, there are thousands more Paris style items here on Zazzle to browse through!




4 Reasons you should do a First Look

4 reasons for a first look


If you’re deep in the middle of your wedding planning by now, or even if you’ve just begun, chances are you’ve been hearing about a “first look”.

A first look is when the bride and groom first see each other in their wedding attire in a private moment, just the two of them. It takes place on the day of the wedding but before any of the guests are present, and in a location of the couple’s choice. People seem to have very strong opinions one way or the other, but the more I consider it the more I feel that a first look is a wonderful idea on your wedding day. Here are just some of the reasons why.

1. A private moment for the two of you on a busy day

Weddings can feel so rushed and there are so many people you have to (and will want to!) see and talk to, that it’s possible you and your groom may barely spend any real time with each other that day. A first look will give the two of you the guaranteed opportunity for a private moment, which many couples find to be very meaningful.

2. It can take the pressure off of you during the ceremony

You are bound to be a little nervous on the day of your wedding, even if you are one hundred percent sure about what you are doing! However, just seeing your fiance on the morning of the wedding and being able to speak to him for a bit ahead of time can definitely help calm your nerves. Also, this way all the excitement of the day won’t be built up on that first moment in the ceremony when your groom sees you for the first time. It will be easier to relax and enjoy the ceremony after the private moments you two have spent together.

3. Often the natural light is better earlier in the day

If you are planning to take outdoor photos, you will often find that the light earlier in the day is more soft and flattering than it will be after your ceremony. Although a good photographer can compensate for the lighting so that all of your photos turn out beautiful, there is something uniquely special about gorgeous natural light.

4. You will have more time to spend with your guests after the wedding

Because you took your photos during your first look earlier in the day, you won’t have to rush away after your wedding to take pictures. That means you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour with the friends and family who you don’t get to see very often, and not have to worry about being late for your reception after rushing around from location to location for photos. The day goes by so fast that any extra time to can spend with your guests will be treasured.


If you are still deciding whether or not to have a first look on your wedding day, I hope you will take the above reasons into consideration. I really believe that it can be a blessing to you and your groom on what can often be a very busy time. After all, there is a reason the first look is becoming more and more popular!



Six Creative Ideas for Your Save the Dates

Six creative ideas for your save the dates!When it comes to save the dates, there is no rule that says they have to be done a certain way. Save the date invitation cards are nice and do the job of getting all of the needed information to your guests, but sometimes they can be a little boring.

Why not try something different, and a little more creative? Here are several unique ideas for Paris themed save the dates. Some ideas may be a better choice for you then others, depending on your budget and how many guests you are planning to invite. But whichever one you choose, you can be sure that your guests will not just shove them aside somewhere or, even worse, not notice them in the first place – these save the dates are sure to get their attention!

1. Save the Date Bookmarks

If you love to read, this could be a great choice for you. Simply send out your save the dates on heavy paper stock that are in the shape of a bookmark. You can DIY if you prefer; once you get the correct paper you can basically add the needed text and then any decorative adornments that you choose. Or even easier, you can purchase your save the date bookmarks already printed up for you – just use the templates available to enter your information and be sure to pick a style that fits in with the Paris theme. Any 4″ x 9″ invitation should work. Can’t you just imagine your guests tucking these cards into a favorite book they read each night? It’s a sure way for them to remember your upcoming wedding date.

Chalkboard Vintage Save The Date 4Chalkboard Vintage Save The Date 4″ X 9.25″ Invitation Card

Wedding Save The Date Photo Bookmark Template Rack Card TemplateWedding Save The Date Photo Bookmark Template Rack Card Template

Pretty Paris Save the Date 4Pretty Paris Save the Date 4″ X 9.25″ Invitation Card

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2. Save the Date Coasters

This is another novel idea your guests will love! Probably most of them have not ever received a save the date in the form of a coaster, but they are definitely available. Your budget and guest list is something to take into account before you decide on which type of coaster you will send out. If you are having a small wedding, possibly a destination wedding where only a limited number of select guests will be invited, then it would be a very nice gesture to send an actual plastic or wooden coaster to each invitee (only one per family of course). There are even puzzle coasters that come in four pieces so your guests can have a laugh putting them together! Of course if you are having a larger wedding, it would be more cost efficient to send out coasters made up pulp board – these can end up being just about the same price as normal save the date cards. But the impact of one of your own unique save the date coasters will be much greater than a regular card!

Double Circle of Fleur de Lis Round Paper CoasterDouble Circle of Fleur de Lis Round Paper Coaster

Save the Date damask stone coasters black white Stone Beverage CoasterSave the Date damask stone coasters black white Stone Beverage Coaster

Vintage Western Font Save the Date Gifts Beverage CoasterVintage Western Font Save the Date Gifts Beverage Coaster

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3. Save the Date Magnets

Although many couples today send out save the dates in the form of a magnet, often they tend to have the couple’s photo as the focus. Which is nice, but unless the invited guests are very close to you and want to see your face every day, they probably won’t keep your magnet up on their refrigerator very long! Try sending out magnets that match the theme of your wedding, but have as their background a beautiful view of Paris or an elegant French symbol like the Fleur de Lis – although all of your wedding information will still be on there, the magnet will be general enough that it will most likely go up on the fridge and be a reminder to them every day. Just be sure to follow the post office guidelines on sending magnets through the mail.

Eiffel Tower Save the Date MagnetEiffel Tower Save the Date Magnet

SAVE THE DATE MAGNET :: paris stripe - pinkSAVE THE DATE MAGNET :: paris stripe – pink

Wedding Tandem Bike Save The Date MagnetWedding Tandem Bike Save The Date Magnet

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4. Save the Date Gift Tags

Save the date gift tags have two important benefits – they’re much cuter than a normal card, and they are also usually less expensive to buy. Choose a color of twine or thin ribbon that matches your wedding colors, and simply thread it through the hole in the tag and tie it, and you’ll have a beautiful and memorable save the date. Again, this is something you can either DIY, or order already made from a template to your specifications.

Save the Date Tags | Chalkboard Design Pack Of Gift TagsSave the Date Tags | Chalkboard Design Pack Of Gift Tags

Pink White Quatrefoil Save The Date Tag Pack Of Gift TagsPink White Quatrefoil Save The Date Tag Pack Of Gift Tags

Sage Modern Save The Date Wedding Favor Tags Pack Of Gift TagsSage Modern Save The Date Wedding Favor Tags Pack Of Gift Tags

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5. Save the Date Postcards

Save the date postcards are a sure way to save money. Postcards normally cost less than an invitation, and the cost of postage is also much cheaper for a postcard. There are just as many designs to choose from, or you can even create your own design entirely! And there is another benefit of sending a postcard. With a normal invitation style save the date card, there is always a chance that your invitee will receive it and set the envelope aside somewhere to open later when he has time. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy for it to get forgotten at that point! But with a postcard version of a save the date, there are no worries about that because your guest will automatically see all of your wedding information as they are flipping through the mail.

Pink Watercolor Heart on White Save the Date PostcardPink Watercolor Heart on White Save the Date Postcard

Classic Paris France Wedding Save the Date PostcardClassic Paris France Wedding Save the Date Postcard

Paris Eiffel Tower Save the Date PostcardsParis Eiffel Tower Save the Date Postcards

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6. Electronic Save the Dates

Of course, you can always go the electronic route and send your save the dates online! Sites like Paperless Post and evite among others make it very easy to do this. And the best part is there are lots of designs to choose from – your guests won’t be getting just a plain, bare-bones email that simply includes the basic information. If you don’t want to bother with postage at all, this is a possible route to take.


Which of these ideas appeals to you the most? Or do you have an even more original idea for how you plan to send your save the dates? We’d love to hear it! If you’re still not sure, you can get started here by looking through some of the creative save the date templates available on Zazzle – something is sure to catch your eye.

Save The Date


Six things to remember before you shop for your wedding dress!

6 things to remember when wedding dress shopping

Congratulations! You’re officially engaged to be married. The ring is on your finger and you’re ready to take the next step, buying the perfect wedding gown.

This should be an exciting time for you – it may even be something you’ve always dreamed about – so you don’t want it to turn into an ordeal that you just can’t wait to get over with. But luckily, it’s not hard at all to make sure it’s a time that will turn into beautiful memories for you.

Here are some simple tips that brides (including me!) have often found to be the difference between a miserable, tiring shopping trip, and a happy experience that leaves you relaxed and ends with your dream wedding dress.


1. Collect pictures of wedding dresses that you love

Before your shopping even begins, start collecting pictures of some of the wedding gowns you’ve come across online or in magazines that catch your eye. Start a pinterest board full of bridal dresses, and rip out any magazine ads for designer wedding dresses, or photos that feature gowns you love. Then bring these to the shop with you to help narrow down the choices.


2. Bring along heels and appropriate undergarments

Even though you don’t technically need these until it’s time for your fitting, you’ll get a much better idea of how the wedding gown truly looks on you if you come prepared with these. It’s amazing what a great bra and the right heels can add to an overall look.


3. Eat something first!

This may sound stupid and like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget to have something to eat and enough to drink before you hit the stores. Although you may be too nervous or excited to eat, you’ll be glad you did when you find yourself poring through gowns much longer than you expected. You don’t want to start fading when there’s a chance that one of the dresses in front of you is the right one! It’s also a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you, especially if the store is hot.

friends helping bride with gown

4. Try on everything in the beginning

Even though you may already have an idea of your ideal wedding gown, make a point to try on dresses of all different styles when you start shopping. You may think you’d never be caught dead in a strapless dress, but when you see that they actually do flatter your shoulders, maybe you’ll prefer them to sleeves. Or you may have decided you are going big and flowery, but the sight of yourself in a sleek, simple dress may change your mind.  It’s always possible you’ll end up going for the same look you envisioned in the beginning, but it’s worth it to keep an open mind and see where it takes you.


5. Have your shopping partner take pictures of you in everything

If your salon allows it (some don’t, so be sure to ask), have your friends take pictures of you in every gown you try on. Yes, even the ones you decided are a big no! There is often a big difference between what you see in the mirror and how you look on film, so don’t be surprised if you realize that some of the gowns were much more flattering than you realized at the time. Similarly, the dress you loved and were about to purchase immediately may not seem as wonderful several hours later when you are looking at it in a photo.


6. Remember that you are probably your own worst critic

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged if things do not look the way you want them to. But take your friends’ words to heart when they tell you how awesome you look in something! Chances are you are harder on yourself than anyone else will be, and it’s helpful to step back and see how you look through someone else’s eyes. Revisit your choices in another day or so, and see if you feel more positive then.



Now go and have fun, and the best of luck to you in finding your perfect wedding dress! If you have any of your own tips to share that really helped you while wedding dress shopping, please share it here.



Tips and Ideas for Paris Themed Wedding Favors

Paris themed wedding favors
Probably one of the most debated aspects of planning a wedding reception is the idea of wedding favors.

Some couples feel they’re a waste of money because they’re usually things the guests don’t want anyway. But that doesn’t have to be the case! If you put some thought into it and get a bit creative, wedding favors can be something your guests will love and remember, and they can be a nice way to say thanks to all your friends and family for sharing your day with you.

Here are some tips and ideas for Paris themed wedding invitations that will definitely go over well with your guests.

1. Leave your names off!

Although you may think it’s cute to see you and your fiance’s names on a shot glass or candle, your guests may not feel quite the same. Some people feel odd about displaying or using items with somebody else’s names on them. If you choose an attractive illustration or a general phrase, your guests will probably be more likely to actually use them. One option for anyone who really wants to personalize their favors is to attach a custom tag to your favors, or place them in personalized favor bags.

2. Think about your out of town guests

If you are planning to have a lot of guests traveling from some distance to your wedding, remember that they will have to find a way to take their wedding favour back home. So anything made of glass, bulky, or fragile is probably not the best choice. Some brides like to give out tiny plants or jars of olive oil, but for anyone returning home on a plane and trying to cram everything in their bags, chances are these gifts will be left behind. So as you evaluate your favor ideas, keep in mind how easy they would be to pack up and take home.

3. If in doubt, choose something edible

The truth is that everybody likes something good to eat. Edible favors such as cookies, or candies in a fancy candy tin always seem to be a hit, and people don’t really take them home and then forget about them in a drawer somewhere. Often they’re gone even before the wedding is over! Plus, if you do have your heart set on personalizing your favors with your names and wedding dates, edible favors are the one perfect choice for this since it won’t stop anyone from devouring them.

Pink Personalized Eiffel Tower J'aime Paris! Cake PopsPink Personalized Eiffel Tower J’aime Paris! Cake Pops

Personalized black and white damask wedding sugar cookiePersonalized black and white damask wedding sugar cookie

Deco Paris Candy TinDeco Paris Candy Tin

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You can either choose from already-prepared items such as cake pops which you can easily personalize and design to match your wedding theme, or you can prepare delicious homemade items such as jam. Then decorate tags and simply tie them onto the jar of jam. Obviously French goods like macarons would also work, placed into favor bags and left at each place setting. In Pittsburgh, where I’m from originally, a “cookie table” is one of the highlights of any wedding reception – friends and family members spend days before the wedding baking dozens and dozens of all types of cookies, and then guests are given boxes or bags so they can take some home. Everyone seems to love this! If you’d prefer not to give something sweet, though, you can give out little jars of herbes de provence.

4. Practical Items

If you choose a wedding favor that is something handy to use every day, chances are greater that your guests will use and appreciate them. This can be as simple as a pen personalized with whatever you want it to say, or a little notebook with a Paris-themed design or map on the front. Even lip balm or hand lotion will be used often and no one can ever have too many!

5. Wine related items

Paris wine charms

Since France is known for its excellent wine and wine culture, any type of wine related favor will work perfectly. Wine stoppers decorated with some type of Paris theme, such as a map of Paris, are one idea and are something that people can use. Wine charms are another idea. Choose a few different images to decorate them, so that each member of a couple can receive a different charm to help keep them separate. Finally, everyone can use another corkscrew!

6. Favors that do double duty

If you still can’t decide on something that you think your guests will appreciate, why not choose something that can do double duty at your wedding? You can give out luggage tags with some type of Paris design, but use them as your escort cards at the reception also. Simply attach the guest’s name to each of them and then at the end of the night they can take them home. Coasters would also be a good idea if you decide to go this route. Another idea is little Eiffel Tower shaped containers full of bubbles – your guests can use them for your celebration even if they don’t use them once they get home. Basically, if you go with any of these ideas, you can at least be sure that everyone will definitely getting some use out of your favors!

7. A Favor Table

Maybe you are stuck between two or three ideas and can’t seem to narrow them down. Or maybe you know that your family would love one type of favor while your fiance’s would prefer another. If this is the case, you can set up a favor table – decorate with a fancy sign inviting guests to take the favor of their choice, and then arrange the favors across the table. This way everyone gets what they want, and if someone chooses not to take anything, it won’t be wasted. Plus it’s a fun activity for everyone that they are sure to remember!

8. Donations to a Favorite Charity

Finally, you can always choose to make a donation to a charity in your guests’ names and simply provide a little card to everyone with this information.  This is something that would benefit a wonderful cause, and most people would be honored to be a part of your generosity. You can get as creative as you like as far as how you inform your guests of this.


I hope you’ve found something among these ideas that helps in your decision about your own wedding favors. We have a whole selection of Paris style wedding favors here in our shop, so give it a look! If nothing else, hopefully we’ve sparked some of your own creative ideas!